St Andrews Student Storage | FAQs

How EASY is all of this?
EXTREMELY! We understand the stress behind getting things stored for summer and that why with our specially tailored packages, you can have all your belongings up in secure and fully insured storage in 5 easy steps!

  1. YOU CALL to book your storage.
  2. WE DELIVER boxes right to your door and you get packing.
  3. WE PICK UP everything once you're pack and we'll even carry everything for you!
  4. SAFE, SECURE & FULLY INSURED UNITS hold everything for you over summer.
  5. WE DELIVER everything back to your room, even if it's back up stairs!

How much are the cardboard boxes?
Boxes are FREE with your booking!

I only have two or three boxes to store...
That's okay, there is no number too small and our packages have been specially tailored for students with anything from 5 soft cuddly toys to 500! Besides, it means less carrying for us! ;)

What is the maximum number of boxes I can have stored?
...How long is a piece of string? Whether you require 15 boxes or 50 boxes, we will find a safe space all your things and the most you'll have to pay for the storage is £350.

I'm not sure I can manage carrying all these heavy boxes...
Not to worry! When you are ready packing all your stuff up, you just give us a call and we will come and pick them up right from your door. We'll even carry them down stairs for you! =D